I am a writer and a storyteller. The roles I have played in my life (midwife, hospice nurse, farmer, vagabond, Buddhist, mentor, teacher, world traveler, and grandmother—to name a few)
have provided an unending stream of experiences
to write about.

However, until ten years ago, I was not a writer; I was a storyteller in the oral tradition. I didn’t think I could write. But then I was asked to report on wildfires that were threatening a retreat center where I worked as a volunteer. Ta da! I discovered not only that I could write, but that I had something to say and a unique way to say it. I found my voice.

I work now to support others as they give birth to their voices, to their authorship—be it the creation of a story, a book, or a brochure. Cultivating trusting relationships has been a primary intention throughout my life's work. My priority is to cultivate that same quality of trust with writers.

Those who write—whether for business or to share their personal journey—want their readers to be delightfully absorbed in what they have to say without being distracted by spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors. We all benefit from the fresh vision of an extra pair of skilled eyes, no matter how experienced we are as writers and storytellers.

I would like to be this person on your journey.