Kay DeFreeze, Memoirist in the making...

Without the assistance of Candace Palmo, I could never have gotten my writing project off the ground. She is providing not only editorial expertise but also emotional support and suggestions of resources that could help in my endeavor. She is a capable and caring professional.

Julia Baldwin, Owner/Consultant                                                                   Sense of Place Feng Shui For Sustainable living                                         www.senseofplacefengshui.com  

As I was writing the copy for my newly launched website, my goal was not only to craft clear and concise content, but to make sure everything was absolutely grammatically correct and consistent. While positioning myself as an expert in my field, the last thing I wanted were any mistakes, typos, unclear statements, run-on sentences, etc. Having Candace as my proofreader and editor for the duration of the project was literally like having a midwife help me birth my website (not unlike the skills she used as my midwife when I was pregnant with my youngest child 31 years ago!). As I was learning the new skills necessary to create my website, I knew I could count on Candace to look things over with a critical eye. When I got bogged down in the process, she lovingly cheered me on. I can honestly say my writing skills have improved dramatically while working with her. I continue to write monthly blog posts, and I ALWAYS run them by her for a spit polish before posting. You should too!                                                                                                                                                                        

Sally Lee, Translator of Achieve By Doing by Khenpo Sodargye Rinpoche,  (published 2016 by Commoners' Publishing)

As someone whose first language is Chinese, trying to render a beloved book of Buddhist teachings into English was exciting and daunting. Candace stood by me through the long process of my translation revision. Her comments and queries about difficult passages forced me to have a more critical look or seek clarification from my teachers. She helped me to not only reflect on the meaning but also the style of the teaching without losing any grammatical force. We went through countless rounds on Google Doc in real time and on the phone, working to refine the text. Candace was ever patient, pedagogical, warm, and humorous. Her big heart, watchful eyes, and deft hand helped sharpen the meaning of the work and improve its readability.

Jesica Rhone, Director of International Projects: McConnell Foundation

 The online writing I am doing now needs a particular tone that is flavorful and candid without being personal. In working with Candace, I found a careful eye for details and an understanding of the voice I needed. I've taken her advice without exception, and my work is better for it.   

Ginger Farzaneh Bahardar, MFT

•  Candace helped me re-work and polish the text for my website as well as its general appearance. I really liked working with her because she genuinely cared about finding out who I am; I needed a website that reflected me. Candace made that happen with her one-on-one interaction over FaceTime and her genuine warmth and caring spirit. I felt complete trust in her intuition to know what would work for me. I recommend her work to anyone who wants a warm, authentic website that reflects who they really are. If you want to see the quality of her work, please see my website: heartfocustherapy.com.

Deana Darby, Spiritual Midwife for the Dying

 Candace has been an extraordinary support as I crafted clean and clear language to describe my somewhat unconventional business in a brochure. She engaged me fully as she came to understand not only the work that I am doing, but how to represent it and make it accessible in a brochure. Candace brings humor and wit, compassion and clarity to her work and is a pleasure to work with. I had a very positive experience and look forward to working with her on all of my future writing endeavors.

Inger D. Kenobi, Director of Lion's Mane Publishing, 
author of How Do I Look? The Year I Stopped Shopping 
(Published July, 2016 by Lion's Mane Publishing)

 Having Candace by my side as I was working through the re-write of my manuscript was like having a big, warm blanket around me. Her support, hawk-like eyes, and love for the written word guided my writing process away from confusion and toward clarity. Just knowing that someone was waiting for my next chapter felt like someone had my back. If you hire Candace, she'll have yours too.    

Amy Eleanor Brisby, author of The Girl from the Stars

Every seasoned writer needs backup, somebody in their corner to turn towards for guidance during the word birthing process. Candace is the perfect doula for the task at hand. She always keeps me accountable when writing is a little too easy, and holds me up when I’m afraid I’m at the end of the line. Working with Candace has helped me build the confidence to know that my voice matters. As a queer woman who openly writes about the LGBTQ community, this is a huge gift from the universe. I am so grateful to have a creative midwife during this time of my life.

Lori Carroll

•  Time and again, as I get drawn out into the challenges of people, activity, and society -- as a writer -- I have found that Candace provides a "portal" back into my authentic sense of self.